Welcome to Ivana Cojbasic Piano Studio

Study with an experienced teacher and concert pianist in one person. Regardless of your level or age, you will receive the best direction, knowledge and insight into the world of music and artistic expression, far beyond learning just piano skills. Ivana Cojbasic has excellent results with children, teenagers and adults.

At any level, the main goals are:

- learning how to "speak" the language of music

- developing true connection between brain, ear and body by applying abstract thinking, listening skills, and appropriate piano technique

- absence of fear, psychological discomfort, or physical struggle and pain

- learning how to interpret great composer's music - writing your own music. 

A half-hour trial lesson is offered.  Audition required for transfer students.

CONTACT: E-mail: pianomode@hotmail.com   Tel. 509.481.3393


"Nine months after studying with Ivana, Eric re-entered the competition where he was [previously] told he had lazy fingers. He won first place out of 29 other students." Kathleen, Eric's mother

"Her [Dr. Cojbasic's] own level of skill as a musician inspires her students to work hard to reach her proficiency, and her careful attention to her students' individual needs helps them develop their own musical creativity." Carla, Samuel's mother

"Students concur when they consistently tell me that Dr. Cojbasic instills in them a genuine love of music." Calvin Hofer, DMA Chair of the Music Department, Mesa State College, Colorado

"Ms. Ivana has been the perfect teacher to introduce piano to my 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. She patiently works with each child's strengths, teaching them how to listen to, read, and compose their own music. Her unique and innovative approach has helped to develop a love of piano in my children, and I have been amazed at the progress they have made in a short amount of time." Bonnie, Mia's and Eli's mother

"I came to her, 60 years old, who had never played piano before. Dr. Cojbasic showed great patience, yet insisted on quality. Her abilities of teaching and demonstrating techniques made learning a joy. It always seemed my hour lesson was over too soon." Lynette, student

"I very much appreciate your strong instruction and guidance as I begin to hope to play the piano. You are such an inspiring master - it is a joy to work with you. ...I am very pleased with the progress I have made in the short time you have been guiding and instructing me. I realize I have a long way to go, but you make me feel as though anything is possible." Clark, student

"My daughter Morgan has made amazing progress in piano this year. She learned to not only read notes but also to interpret the music." Susan, Morgan's mother


PAYMENT POLICY Payments for lessons are made on a monthly basis. The tuition payment for each month is due the week prior to the new month. If your lesson is scheduled for Wednesdays, the last Wednesday of each month is a payment due for the next month. The monthly fee is determined according to the number of weekly lessons each month. 

ATTENDANCE Lessons meet each week at the specified time. Regular attendance is necessary in order to develop musicianship and achieve progress in piano playing. BREAKS The studio is usually closed on Labor Day, Winter Break, Spring Break, Memorial Day, and July 4th. If a student would like to take lessons during the breaks as well, they can be arranged.

MAKEUP LESSONS Students or parents must notify Dr. Cojbasic of a lesson cancellation a minimum of 24 hours prior to lesson time. Only excused absences are accepted. Two makeup lessons per year are allowed for reasons of extreme illness, injury, or family emergency only. For reasons other than the above mentioned, there is no possibility of scheduling a makeup lesson. Missed lessons cannot be reimbursed nor credited to the next-month payment.

CANCELLATIONS Ivana Cojbasic Piano Studio operates as a small business following consistent income and tax regulations. Scheduling and making payments for monthly lessons means reserving and purchasing teacher’s time. When you pay your monthly tuition, Dr. Cojbasic agrees to provide instruction for you at a specific time each week. This time is exclusively reserved for you. Canceled lessons cannot be reimbursed nor credited to the next-month payment. In the event that Dr. Cojbasic must cancel a lesson, she will make every effort to reschedule during the same month. However, in the unlikely event that she is unable to schedule a makeup lesson in the same month, she would take the option of crediting that lesson payment to the next month. If a student decides to discontinue taking lessons, at least one-month notice is required.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS Learning music is a very gradual process and requires lots of patience. We use not only our minds but also our ears, spirit and the whole body. A daily practice routine is necessary. A practice session should be at least 15 minutes long or arranged in two 10-minute sessions per day for young beginners (age 4-6). The time increases with age and level. Students or parents are required to write daily practice times in students’ notebooks.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES The opportunities to perform in recitals, competitions, and festivals are provided every year.  Summer lessons can be scheduled 2-3 times a week for students who plan extended vacations.

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